Q1: Is there any difference between the attending and not-attending paper WORD templates?

A1: No,there is not any difference.


Q2: Is there any pre acceptance letter for organizations and paper registration fee receipt?

A2: Yes,they have been issued automatically after the paper acceptance and after the fully registration.


Q3: What is the MIN and MAX page numbers of the paper?

A3: The MIN page numbers are two and the MAX page numbers are 14.

Q4: Is there any certification for not-attending papers?

A4: Yes,there is. These certifications will be sent to the postal addresses of not-attending corresponding authors . 

Q5: Is there any difference between the review and evaluation of the attending and not-attending papers?

A5: No,there is not.


Q6: How i can pay the conference fees?

A6: Payment is possible via PayPal or Credit Card, please send an email to info@iccssb.com for payment details.